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For the last couple of years the economy has been tough, but I'd like to thank the many customers who have secured me as their welding service provider.   

Should you choose to hire a welder, I suggest you look into their references, like a good friend once told me.....  "you can't just go to home depot, buy a welder, pop it in the back of your truck and call yourself a professional."  Do your homework on who you hire, and get yourself someone who's well equipped to handle the job, and knows what they're doing to get it done right, the first time.

My motto is:   "Any job, BIG or small, done right, or not at all!"


Dairy Queen -

Alexander Lawn and Garden - Newark, Delaware

Northwind Engineering, LLC -

University of Delaware

Sheraton Suites Wilmington, Delaware -

Delmarva Power / PHI - Pepco Holdings

CSI Material Handling -

Performance Food Group -

RickTheWelder was responsible for welding the world record holding Largest double loop car ramp built for hot wheels for the 2012 X-Games in Los Angeles, this was fabricated in parts in New Castle, Delaware and shipped for the event.

Metal Shark Aluminum Boats

Delaware State Police Maritime Unit

Home Depot - 

National Horse Exercisers  -

Industrial Lift Truck, Co. -

Chick Fil A - 

Sanmak Solar Systems -

PumpkinHammer Pumpkin Chunkin Team - Website 

Fed Ex Express / Vehicle Maintenance -

Fizzano Brothers Concrete Products, Inc./Malvern,Trevose,Crum Lynne, PA -

TruGreen Chemlawn   - 

Enhanced Heating and Air -

Buffalo Wild Wings 

Best Buy  -

Royal Farms  -

A1 Striping  -

This year the projects were in a wide range of specialties, I welded together the worlds largest double loop car ramp for hot wheels!  I have repaired an aluminum canoe, as well as fabricated and installed a new aluminum guide fin on the bottom of a large outboard boat drive.  One project was working on an underground concrete curing system which amounted to a 14' deep doughnut shaped moat 200' in diameter submerged in water at 100% humidity, MIG welding steel plate to make repairs.  On another project I found myself on the side of a restaurant welding architectural angles to complete some decorative roof work.  I've done several interior restaruant grease ducts, as well as wide array of railing and trailer repairs.  In one case I custom built a pair of steel free standing pull up bars, and in another I designed and fabricated a custom aluminum truss system for stage lighting.  In addition I recently completed a project involving a huge rooftop structure of aluminum for mounting solar panels.

Almost all of this work is performed on site and I am well equipped to do so.

As you can see, there isn't much with metal that can't be done, so if you have a project in mind, just want an idea on cost, or have an emergency you need handled ASAP.  Give me a call!

302-355-1793, or email me at 


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